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To resume your activities

COVID guidelines

We are monitoring the situation very closely and we are trying to adapt to changes in the measures proposed to oversee the safety of all our users. 

If you have symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, stay at home and complete the following self-assessment page

The vaccination passport is required in the restaurant bar and on the establishment’s outdoor terrace. 


  • Maintaining the physical distance of 2 metres. 
  • Hand washing is essential as regularly as possible.  
  • Wearing a mask or face cover is compulsory for people aged 10 and over: reception, laundry, sanitary blocks, etc. The instruction applies even if the maximum capacity displayed is limited to one person.   
  • Inside the restaurant bar, maximum of 10 people per table or the occupants of 3 residences and on the outdoor terraces 20 people per table. 
  • Customers must remain seated at their table. Dancing, singing, and karaoke are prohibited. 

We invite you to consult the Frequently Asked Questions for campers produced by Camping Québec. There you will find a lot of information and probably answers to your questions.  

In addition, we invite you to consult the COVID-19 Pamphlet for Campers prepared by Camping Québec, which explains the behaviour to adopt on the campground during this pandemic period. We wish you a wonderful season and look forward to seeing you again.

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